We are pleased to introduce a new format at AD/PDTM 2017 where
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We are pleased to introduce a new format at AD/PDTM 2017. Corporate participants, neuroscientists and clinicians with outstanding experience in "hottest" research topics will discuss the impact of newest preclinical results and cutting edge clinical findings on understanding and treatment development of neurodegenerative disorders.

The forum will consist of the following discussions:

  • Alzheimer Clinical Phase 3 Forum
    The Race for the First Disease Modifying Drug for AD: Factors for Success
  • Alzheimer Animal Model Forum
    Preclinical Predictive Drug Testing: The Story of Mice, Rats, Dogs, Non-Human Primates and Men
  • Forum on Translational Research in Drug Discovery for AD
    A Plethora of Targets: Which is the Best, Is There "A Best One"?
  • Forum on Novel Approaches to Disease-Modifying Therapies of PD
    Therapy of PD Beyond Neurotransmitter Replacement: Can We Stop Progression?

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Abstract Submission Deadline: September 29, 2016