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FDI Annual World Dental Congress

FDI Annual World Dental Congress , 14-17 September 2011, Mexico City, Mexico

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Collaborative practice is an increasingly common term, but how does it operate in a clinical setting? Improving health outcomes for our patients will require us to work diagonally across disciplines and health professions requiring new ways of thinking and working. FDI AWDC 2011 offers participants the opportunity participate in discussions that will focus on key issues for today’s dental hygienist.

2011 FDI AWDC Hygienists Sessions

Medical emergencies in the dental office
The renaissance of local anaesthesia

Stanley Malamed (USA)

Patient safety and dental practice: what do we need to know?

A general look at patient safety from a dental practice perspective
Nermin Yamalik (Turkey)

Elements of patient safety in ambulatory dental care-a surgical checklist

Bernardo Perea Perez (Spain)

New vision in periodontology: Prevention or cure
Biofilm impact in health and disease

Agustin Zeron (Mexico)

So little room, so much to see
The Complete Pediatric Oral Examination

Greg Psaltis (USA)

Dealing with difficult patients
Meet the Fokkers (and learn to love them)

Kevin Lewis (United Kingdom)

The role of dentists in the initial recognitions of systemic diseases

Roman Carlos Bregni (Guatemala)

Oral health of older people: a challenge for dental profession

Daniel Pierre Kandelman (Canada)

You can make a difference for global oral health

Greg Psaltis (USA)
Sally Hewett (USA)

European Dental Student Association

The above list is only a sample of the many forums, meeting and symposia that will focus on

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ADA CERP Recognized

Delegates who have registered for the congress are eligible to receive continuing education points by attending scientific sessions throughout the meeting.

We Look Forward to Seeing you in Mexico City!

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