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30th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID)
Thessaloniki, Greece, May 8-12, 2012

ESPID Research Committee – Get involved!

Dear Friends,

We are continuing to work on developing ESPID's role in encouraging collaborative PID research. In 2012 we are planning a number of new initiatives to help encourage research groups to develop their plans.

On Wednesday 9th May at 12:00 there will be an "ESPID Research Open Meeting". The aim of this meeting is to briefly showcase many of the current and planned projects that are going on within ESPID, so that new members can become involved in existing research and provide an update on key developments and funding opportunities in the future.

We would therefore like to find out about new research studies that have started or been funded since ESPID 2011. If you are setting up a new study, please could you fill in this simple questionnaire aimed to identify ONLY those studies that are:

1) already funded, and
2) include more than one country

We are not trying to capture single investigator projects, or those that are conducted within one country. We are trying to capture multinational clinical trials and cohort studies.

We would be grateful if you could complete this questionnaire – please click here - it is very short.

On Thursday 10th May we will open the new "ESPID Research Hub".
This is a defined area near the exhibition area where research groups will be able to have a table, and in the breaks informally meet other delegates to exchange ideas and plans. Each hub will be dedicated to a specific research field. Examples may be antibiotic stewardship in LRTI, pathogenesis of rotavirus infections, or epidemiology of pneumococcal infections. What we try to generate is scientific depth, i.e. the topics should be focused.
How to register? In case you are interested in chairing such a hub, which means presence at defined times during that day, you must have an accepted abstract for ESPID 2012.
Please submit a short summary of your abstract, future research plans (half a page), your abstract number and if possible the names of up to three potential collaborators within ESPID to Philipp Henneke until March 15th 2012.

On Friday 11th May we will be running ESPID Research Lunches again, which is an opportunity for new and emerging groups to organise a more structured meeting, discussing future proposals and outcomes. This will be by competition again – judged by the ESPID Research Committee.

If you would like to have a short slot to present your project, please complete this second questionnaire - click here.

The completed forms should be sent to Prof. Mike Sharland, c/o by Friday March 9th, 2012. The results will be presented at the ESPID Annual meeting in Thessaloniki!

With best wishes,

Mike Sharland
Chair of the ESPID Research Committee

1-3 Rue de Chantepoulet, PO Box 1726, CH-1211,Geneva 1, Switzerland, Tel:  + 41 22 908 0488, Fax: + 41 22 906 9140