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The 8th International Congress on Vascular Dementia & the First Cognitive Impairment European Meeting, Athens, Greece, 17-20 October, 2013

Abstract Submission Now Open

The 8th International Congress on Vascular Dementia & the First Cognitive Impairment European Meeting (ICVD 2013) wishes you a happy new year and invites you to join colleagues and renowned experts from around the world in 2013!

ICVD 2013 is the ideal forum to discuss, discover and collaborate.
Submit an abstract and share your research at this highly anticipated event.

Abstract topics include:

  • Post-Stroke Dementia
  • Vascular Cognitive Impairment
  • Small Vessel Brain Disease
  • Young Onset Dementia
  • Biomarkers
  • Diabetes and Dementia
  • New Anti-Dementia Drugs

View the full list of topics here
Abstract submission deadline: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Official Welcome From the Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee it is my pleasure to introduce the 8th International Congress on Vascular Dementia - ICVD 2013, which will be held in Athens, Greece, October 17-20, 2013.

The new branded ICVD 2013 congress will aim to be a showcase for the discussion of new developments in the area of dementia with special attention to cerebrovascular diseases affecting cognition. The congress will be an opportunity to deliberate on large and small vessel brain diseases and how they contribute to cognitive decline. We shall try to identify specific biological and psychological markers, if any, of vascular dementia, and also the genetic factors involved. The overlap with Alzheimer's disease will be a central issue, as will be the white matter changes frequently seen in dementia. The Neuropathology features of dementia, experimental animal models, and new understanding of pathogenic mechanisms will all be highlighted at the congress.

We invite you to submit an abstract for the Congress and thereby contribute to what we are confident will be an interesting scientific program. While we are still lacking effective therapies for dementia in general, several new approaches will be presented and discussed.

We look forward to welcoming you to Athens and hope that this congress will be a memorable experience for all of you, where you will be able to further friendships and strengthen scientific collaborations.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Amos Korczyn
Congress Chairman

We look forward to seeing you in Greece


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