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International Conference
Important Dates to Remember

Abstract Submission Deadline:
15 November 2013

Abstract Status Notification:
15 December 2013

Early Bird Deadline:
31 December 2013

Pre-Registration Deadline:
21 March 2014

Congress Dates:
27 - 30 March 2014

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Ralf Baron, Germany

Dr. Allen Burton, USA

Prof. Marshal Devor, Israel

Prof. Anthony Dickenson, United Kingdom

Prof. Marie Fallon, United Kingdom

Prof. Shung-Tai Ho, Taiwan

Prof. Lixing Lao, China

Prof. Sang Chul Lee, Korea

Prof. Setsuro Ogawa, Japan

Prof. Robert van Seventer, The Netherlands

Dr. Chris Wells, United Kingdom

Confirmed Speakers

Andrew Chen, USA

Jen-Kun Cheng, Taiwan

Chih-Cheng Chien, Taiwan

Bifa Fan, China

Philip Finch, Australia

Zhi Jian Fu, China

Jen-Chuen Hsien, Taiwan

Kok Yuen Ho, Singapore

Toyoshi Hosokawa, Japan

Billy Huh, United States

Manoj Kumar Karmakar, Hong Kong

Kyung Hoon Kim, Korea

Kyung Joon Lim, Korea

Sang Heon Lee, Korea

Chia-Shiang Lin, Taiwan

C S Mok, China

Dong Eon Moon, Korea

Takumi Nagaro, Japan

Yoji Saito, Japan

Yasuyuki Shibata, Japan

Wenge Song, China

Wen Zen Sun, Taiwan

Yu-Chuan Tsai, Taiwan

Jhi Joung Wang, Taiwan

Shuu-Jiun Wang, Taiwan

Tyng-Guey Wang, Taiwan

Yeong-Ray Wen, Taiwan

Chih-Shung Wong, Taiwan

Steven Wong, Hong Kong

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By submitting an abstract online to the 2nd Asian Congress on Pain (AAFPS 2014), you will be contributing to an important discussion on the effectiveness of existing techniques as well as the avenues for further improvements in the science of pain and patient care.

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Online submission deadline: 15 November 2013

Programme Highlight: Ultrasound Hands-On Lectures and Workshops

AAFPS 2014 will feature a scientific programme tailored to a wide cross section of pain clinicians. On 27 March 2014, this leading professional forum for science, practice and education in the field of pain will feature a compelling series of presentations on the following topics:

  • Know Your Ultrasound Machine and Basic Principles of Ultrasound Imaging
  • Ultrasound Imaging of the Thoracic, Lumbar Paravertebral Region and Intercostal Nerve Injection Techniques
  • Ultrasound Guided Interventions for Low Back Pain: Lumbar Approach
  • Master Class with Live Demonstration
  • Ultrasound Imaging of the Sacrum and Injection Techniques
  • Ultrasound water phantom for Caudal Needling Injection

View the complete itinerary here.

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